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Gas Furnaces

ESTAR ICON ENERGY STAR® Product   Energy Efficiency (AFUE Price
SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace   up to 98.7  $$$ 
The quietest and most efficient furnace you can buy*! 
SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace   80  $$$ 
The quietest furnace in its class* 
EL296V High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace   96  $$ 
High-efficiency, variable-speed gas furnace 
EL296E High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace   96  $$ 
Two-stage furnace with Power Saver technology 
EL280 Two-Stage Gas Furnace   80  $$ 
Consistent temperatures with two-stage heating 
EL195E Gas Furnace   95  $$ 
Single-stage furnace with Power Saver technology 
EL180E Gas Furnace   80  $$ 
Efficient gas furnace featuring Power Saver technology 
ML195 Gas Furnace   95 
High-efficiency gas furnace 
ML193 Gas Furnace   93 
Economical, high-efficiency gas furnace 
ML180 Gas Furnace   80 
Economical, standard-efficiency gas furnace 

Oil Furnaces

Products   Energy Efficiency (AFUE Price
SLO185V Oil Furnace   85  $$$ 
Variable-speed oil furnace 
ELO183 Oil Furnaces   83  $$ 
Quiet and efficient oil furnace 

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